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The Rengstorff House

3070 N Shoreline Blvd, Mountain View, CA 94043

The Rengstorff House is Mountain View’s oldest historic house and is one of the finest examples of Victorian Italianate architecture on the West Coast.

-Friends of the "R" House

Nestled between the bottom tail of the Bay and the rolling greens of Silicon Valley, The Rengstorff House charmed us from the very beginning. The House was found upon my rampant search to find a decently sized venue that did not skip out on the picturesque charm that we wanted. Venues in the City were horrendously expensive, and if it were not for the logic of James, I may have validated the price of a venue just because it was pretty (and I totally tried). 

Like many elements of this wedding, the Rengstorff happened out of serendipity, or as serendipitous as it could be while scrounging The Knot for four hours straight. The House is about 10 minutes from our current place in San Mateo, and it was still in the relative, familiar part of the Bay Area. 

Despite rumors of it being haunted, it is a gorgeous venue. The Rengstorff exemplifies, for us, a classic, nodding to an era of gorgeous craftmanship and beauty.  The House is beautifully restored and has 4 areas of communal gathering. After a docent tour and a talk with the event coordinator, we said yes to the dress!


...Errr, venue. 

We are having both the ceremony and reception at this beautiful venue. The House itself is a museum that you will be able to roam about in. The ceremony and reception will all take place outside. We are deeply appreciative that the Rengstorff House is still a part of Bay Area history, and we cannot wait to use it to celebrate our big day.


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