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It was our mutual agreement that we are not signing up for any registry. Sorry :)

We decided to do a different approach. Instead of buying us 3 sets of pots and pans or an overpriced Pottery Barn table lamp, we would like you to contribute to one of these two options:

A) Donate to our favorite local nonprofits

Nonprofits have been a huge part of our life. We have worked in some of our local ones during college, and [POSSIBLY I HAVE A CAREER IN IT BY NOW :(]. Please donate whatever you can to these programs we love:

B) Fund our Honeymoon/Future Home/Life

Yep. We went there. At this point in our careers in the Bay Area, we are too busy and too broke to take a Honeymoon immediately. However, whatever funds are contributed here will be invested in what you wanted: us. 

These are OPTIONAL. Please do not feel obligated to donate to either of these options. Your presence as we celebrate the start of our lives together is worth more than any monetary amount.

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